Torina Stark

Note from the Artist

After two years of intensive work on grants in 2023 and 2022, I am taking a sabbatical of presenting or submitting any work publicly. I feel that public presentation of my work stifles my innovation and creativity. Additionally, work presented online is often co-opted and/or stolen. I am not taking a break from making art, building gardens, photography or sewing. I am taking a break from nearly everything online. I will not post any new works to my website until further notice.

Artist Bio

Torina Stark is a textile shape shifter, mixed media artist, writer and teacher. Torina combines her love of nature with different mediums to create art that challenges the ordinary. Her work is visually-layered creating a sense of how craft and art walk hand-in-hand with nature. When she creates, she draws on her experiences of living immersed in the northwoods of Minnesota to establish a sense that we are firmly connected to and affecting our Earth. Torina uses her art as therapy to cope with her disabilities and also to put her voice into a world that undervalues humans who are not in the traditional workforce.

In addition, Torina’s art and photography has been featured by UPPERCASE Magazine, HUE Magazine, The Stewardship Project, Tiny Seeds Literary Journal, Izaak Walton League and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency often in relation to art that promotes environmental stewardship. She is also an award winning photographer and fiber artist.

Artist Statement

My work accompanies me in all facets of my life. Each medium I use intertwines with the next. Nature’s complexities and beauty infuses each piece with its tendrils, infectious and comforting. Regardless of medium, color and shape guide me to capture the many beautiful facets of entire universes that reside within seemingly individual life forms.

Grants & Awards

  • 2023 Lawns to Legumes Individual Support Grant, Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources
  • 2022 Creative Support for Individuals Grant, Minnesota State Arts Board
  • 2021 Emergency Working Artist Project Grant, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
  • 2020 Save Our Streams Photo Contest Winner, Izaak Walton League
  • 2020 Emergency Artist Relief Grant, Springboard for the Arts
  • 2019 Rural Arts and Culture Summit Scholarship, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
  • 2017 “Modern Rosie”, First Place Cross Stitch Category, Carlton County Fair



2020 “Making A Way”, South Bend Museum of Art, South Bend, Indiana

2020 “Making A Way,” Winfisky Gallery Salem State University, Massachusetts

2019 “Tiny Pricks Project”, Speedwell Projects, Portland, ME; currently in a traveling exhibition

2019 “Fantastic Fibers”, Crossing Arts Gallery, Brainerd, MN

Selected Works


Skillshare Class - Oct 2019 - June 2023 - I cancelled this course due to Skillshare's new pay structure in which I was paid 10% of my previous pay and required me to allow them to use ANY of my artworks in their marketing. 

100 Day Project


Oct 2019 - June 2023; Nature Journaling: Beginning a Daily Practice, 

Mar 2020 - July 2022 Nature Journaling: 10 Winter Journal Prompts,


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Duluth Art Institute HUE Online Magazine, Fiber Artist Interview with Torina Stark, Fall 2020

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